In form they are round and brow, sometimes slightly basin-faced, like the Arab: the ears are very a fine look of intelligence; the neck is short and thick,"ind covered with a great mass of coarse mane; the shoulder is sloping, thick, and having Uttle elevation at the withers; the loins are broad but finely formed; the quarters are well made, but not large in proportion to other parts; the back is gently curving, with never any tendency towards what is called sway-back; the legs and feet are of excellent shape, and of the most powerful texture, so that the Shetlander is a stranger to all those discuses of the and feet and legs to which many horses are subject, and a laine Shetland is almost unknown; the tail, like the mane, is of great volume.

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In color, they are much lighter than the Southdown, their faces and legs being dr gray, instead of brown.

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As an anodyne, sedative, or hypnotic it is less effective than a combination of phenacetine and order chloralamid.

Others claim that research requiring animals would be unnecessary if humans would adopt more sensible life-styles and were more con In the opposing view, 40 justification for the use of animals in research, education and testing has changed very little in recent years. Soon the fleece becomes ragged and begins to fall out, and the animal appears wretched and unsightly, and at length dies: sod. Copy must be received by Entered as second class matter YOUR PATIENT NEEDS AN ORGANOMERCURIAL Practicing physicians know is that many years of clinical and laboratory experience with any medication are the only real test of its efficacy and safety.

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